Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Prayers are with you and your family

I have a dear friend who has quietly been a leader for solar and other renewables since I have worked in the field. With little recognition or praise this wonderful person has persistantly reached out to people, given solid advice and has lead with integrity. Not many people I know can say the same thing. I am so sick of these two dimensional arguments about how government is ruining the country. We are the government, you your kid's school teachers, the local police, your cousin in the national guard, yourneighbor who works for an engineering company. My dear friend can always be found friday afternoons at her desk well after 5pm and yet she had a government job?! She doesn't anymore, she quit because she has morals and ethics. On the day she quit she lost her father in an automobile accident. It breaks my heart that she has to carry this burden of sadness and loss when he was only 55 and she was getting ready to embark on a new chapter in life. Her husband is a good man and a strong soul so I hope he can help her in her time of mourning. I wish the both of them the very best in their future and I want them to know they are always welcome in our home for a meal or place to rest or to share some stories. Erika was one of the first to help me when I had no friends in the industry and I'll never forget that. Arron (forgive the spelling mate) would put up with me asking for their help on weekends when Erika and I would work on Solar videos for free, because we believe in a brighter future. Thanks to both of you and God bless.