Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The Irony of Joe"you lie' Wilson is I stood in his DC office last year and he said he was for a Tax on fossil fuels, which is supported by the Oil industry. He then came to a tea-party in Lexington SC and in front of 2000 rabid and uneducated voters he said the Waxman bill was a "TAX against business" ...dirty word that tax is, although it pays his salary and health benefits! So more or less, no in actuality he lied directly to me to suite his purpose. I am old school, if its a pig call it a pig, don't have different speeches for different people. Don't tell me one thing in your office and espose something completely different elsewhere. I travelled 600miles to hear his opinion and voice mine. This Wilson is "no southern gentlemen", or a gentlemen at all, he's just another political whore, no offense to the hard working prostitutes of our nation.

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