Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sheep make clear climate change is real

Money men ignoring climate change

7th January, 2010

Survey finds global financial decision makers ignoring climate risks and opportunities
An extensive survey of the world’s leading asset managers has found that only a few are including climate risks and opportunities throughout their investment analysis.

The report by US-based Ceres, a coalition of investors, environmental groups and other public interest organisations, surveyed 500 of the world’s foremost assets managers on how they factor climate-related trends into investment decision-making.

Nearly three-quarters of asset managers reported that they did not expressly consider climate risks and opportunities.

Mindy Lubber, president of Ceres and Director of the Investor Network on Climate Risk said:

‘These findings make clear that the investment community is overly focused on short-term performance and ignoring longer-term business trends such as climate-related risks and opportunities.

'The recent sub-prime mortgage meltdown is a painful reminder of the fallout for investors who ignored 'hidden' long-term risks.’

One thing everyone should know for sure by now, Wall Street can't predict rain in a hurricane, since before 1929 they have consistantly failed to predict every major market shift. IT is because of this that I can now tell you with certainty that climate change is real and we will see its impacts in our lifetimes.

Richard Rainwater a billionaire investor who pegged peak oil in 2008 at $129 a barrel (just $18 short of all time high) when it was well below $100 and increased his net worth by $500million in doing so is leading the way to make a small SC town green and solar.

Rainwater is a proponent of peak oil, that we have already drilled and pumped all the easy deposits and oil shortages will severely impact the world economy. Hmmm if this guy has all the money in the world why would he waste any on energy security. Just sayin'

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