Monday, February 8, 2010

she was my good girl

I buried my beagle today, she was 14. Molly had been sick since December and I knew she was dying but selfishly I let the vet try one drug after another as she slipped away. Molly was a malnourished little pound puppy when I got her. Sweetest little thing you ever saw. She (or I) over compensated for her poor beginnings and she never had a lean day in her adult life. (she lost weight this last two months and I knew in my heart she was getting ready to chase squirrels again.) She didn't wag her tail when she went which I needed but I know she feels better now, I buried her in a blanket with her head propped up and her paws crossed like she always did whenshe was basking in the sun. Molly was the kind of good who would put her wet nose on you when you were troubled to say," pet me, I know you'll feel better...and you would. My winter has been surrounded by death, my life is full of so many blessings that I feel selfish asking but please give me a little respite this week, just a little. This post is for my Molly, she was my good girl.

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