Thursday, March 25, 2010

Politics at the state

So this has been a difficult week, solar tax credit was stricken froma H4478 bill in Senate sub committee. The bill is by house speaker Bobby Harrell. So we thought it would pass. We will see. The logic for striking it was not physically possible but I had no recourse but to squirm in my seat and wonder what my next career choice was to be. In 5 seconds my ability to sell enough solar to feed my family was erased. BLIP. Without scale and commercial/utility size jobs solar will never have a real impact. The real Irony of the whole thing is that if the state ever had 100 companies max out the proposed tax credit, we would have close to $1 billion in direct economic impact in the state. 100's if not thousands of jobs created at considerably less than we gave Boing upfront to move here?! $250 million is currently impossible as we have a cap of 100kw systems as opposed to the 1000kw or 1MW systems the stricken matter was referenced to in economic impact.

What is a working boy to do?

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