Sunday, September 26, 2010


If you cut the power off for a day, it’s a party; blankets, flashlights and huddling around the fire. If you cut the power for 3 days, it’s a slog, grumbling and generally we’re pissed off about how long it’s been. If you cut the power off for 3 weeks there will be blood in the streets. This is what we are dealing with when we talk about energy security. If you think I am exaggerating stop and think about it, in three weeks all your food will have spoiled, so will the grocery stores’, business will be hamstrung and all electronic commerce will have halted. No banks, ATMs, gas pumps, internet, TV the list goes on. I understand the challenges of moving to a renewable energy grid, inconsistent supply, higher perceived cost, more engineering required, more transmission required, it’s tough. What’s tougher is the alternative. This is the greatest society in the history of our planet, American engineers built the 20th century, please don’t tell me we have to leave it to the Chinese to figure out what replaces fossil fuel. It appears to me that the energy policy committee setup by PERC has a difficult road ahead. They are going to talk about economics and DSM and federal loan guaranties and liability costs… or they won’t and they will push for the policy they decided a decade ago based on dated information. American society and brain power are the value of our currency and the definition of our economy. The real expense at stake here is the wrong decision. Let Americans build the 21st century. I would encourage all of you to attend the Oct. 6th meeting at the state house. Email me for details.

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