Monday, May 21, 2012

Harry Reid Should GO.

20% of our national electricity usage is now generated by Nuclear power.  104 power plants across the nation provide 790 billion kWh every year.  We each use about 12,000kWh at our homes each year.  For over a decade Nevada has enjoyed the benefits of Federal and private largesse in the form of a federally managed $30billion dollar fund that utilities have been paying up to $500 million dollars a year for a long term nuclear waste,storage facility.  

Yucca mountain was chosen from three potential sites after a ten year study by the DOE and NRC.  
If you have been to Nevada you know that it is one of the least populated places in America, Nye county, where Yucca is located, is a former Nuclear test site and it is surrounded by Nellis AFB, Yucca gets 5-7in of rain per year, the US average is 37.  Nevada enjoyed $12 Billion dollars of construction and site study before the site was closed by Harry Reid, when he became majority leader in the House.  President Obama allowed Yucca to be closed for short term gain.  Secretary Chu said,

"So the real thing is, let's get some really wise heads together and figure out how you want to deal with the interim and long-term storage. Yucca was supposed to be everything to everybody, and I think, knowing what we know today, there's going to have to be several regional areas."

Billions spent, construction 2/3rd's underway and NOW its closed.  Yucca was an interim storage facility, since nuclear waste is deadly for 1000's of years having one central, safe, repository was the interim solution.  In 100 or 200 years maybe we will know how to make the spent fuel inert.

Currently in South Carolina the Savannah River site sits within 2hrs of over 1 million people.  SRS is also on the Savannah river supplying drinking water to large parts of Georgia and South Carolina.  It's time that Harry Reid should go and Yucca mountain should be re-opened.  Even if you hate Nuclear energy,you can see the logic behind safe storage of the nations spent fuel at a remote location instead of peppered around the country in less secure facilities while the stockpiles continue to grow and new power plant applications are being approved by the NRC.  I fully support the President, I think he has done a decent job under dire circumstances and Mitt Romney will do very little to benefit the American public but on this issue I think he dropped the ball.  Finish the job started a decade ago and lets get nuclear storage moving to Yucca.

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