Sunday, May 6, 2012

Solar, 2012, SC, A good choice

Could it be that 2012 will be the year South Carolina begins to actively promote solar energy mining?  I have spent a fair amount of time trying to explain the benefits of solar to legislators and people around the state.  There was so much more I could have done, so many missteps, lost opportunities to forcefully argue what is clear to me, solar is a safe bet.  As much time as I've spent at the state house, ( I believe I could give tours now) I still have no idea if we'll get it done.  Despite many meetings and requests to be on the calendar we're not there yet?  I have literally talked to 100's if not thousands of people in South Carolina ALL of whom like the idea of solar but were reticent to invest because of the cost.  Cost is what prompted me to work on making it more affordable and widely available.  I can't manufacture solar panels (yet) so I worked on the straightest line I could see, State policy.  For three years I have gone to the state house any time I could to make the case and its a good one.  Economic development, local jobs, domestic energy, stronger grid, sustainable.  Now it comes down to thirteen legislative days.  If we pass out of committee we still have the full senate vote needed, back to the house for amendment consolidation and then the Governor's signature.  We have 13 legislative days left.  This is such a tall order.  I hope one day to look back on this post and ask myself why I ever doubted the right decision will be made.  Wish us luck.  So you know,George Carlin had a hilarious comedy routine about how we pamper kids.  He was right to some degree but he was wrong in that without leaving a solid legacy of caring for each other and our home and hunting grounds we are denying ourselves the enjoyment of "I tried hard, I left nothing on the table and I can leave in peace."

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