Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sun shines brightly in GA

GA Power, a typically conservative utility has taken the lead in the SE by asking the Public service commission in GA to allow them to buy 210MW of solar power over the next three years.  GA power has said this will not increase rates.  I think what GA has found is that solar has become cost competitive to the point that investing in a small power plant's worth of solar will teach them about how much they can actually deploy.  Germany is at 8% power production from solar and climbing.  On May 22nd of this year, that 8% of production met 40% of demand on a sunny spring Saturday.

Makes you wonder why the South Carolina is still waiting to do any real testing and development of Solar.  Solar is fast becoming main stream clean, safe energy nationally and across the world.  Most of the popular cliches from detractors have been proven false.  One of the largest investors in Solar deployment is the oil and gas industry.  They typically don't make investments lightly.

Solar, here today, will be here tomorrow.

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