Saturday, September 15, 2012

Respecting Islam

For the US it's tough being number 1.  This past week has shown that the big kid on the block is always going to be the target of attacks.  6 months after the US supported Libya's release from an oppressive dictator some 'fanatics' decide we are somehow responsible for an absolutely laughable 'home made' video on You tube.  If you haven't seen the questionable video don't bother, my 11yr old could make a better video and if something like it can incense people to murder then things are worse than I thought.  I read today that the Egyptian media is reporting this video is in theaters and has mass appeal?!  Something is wrong here, obviously Al-Queda is trying to get new recruits.  What most people in the Middle-east don't seem to understand is we don't care about your religion, freedom of religion is present in the USA. If you'd stop reminding us about Islam with mob attacks and death threats we'd leave you alone except for buying your oil.  As bad as you think America is, we do pay for what we want, when we could easily just take it.  I am fully aware that 95% of the Muslim world wants the same thing we do, respect and the opportunity to prosper, the problem is the 5% represent you to the rest of the world.  I had neighbors who were Muslim who were nice, decent, honorable people just like everyone else.  I am not saying that all white people are responsible for Timothy Mcveigh nor are all Muslims responsible for the embassy attacks but it sure would be nice for the Muslim world powers to take a hard stance against mindless mob actions.  Instead I saw a demand for an apology for the movie!!
Really are there no Muslims out there who are as irate as I am that killing diplomats is the response to something so unrelated it should be compared to us deciding to cut all aid to Africa because a Brazilian swimsuit model broke up with her American boyfriend.  It's hard to respect a religion when all you read about is death threats to journalists, scholars and diplomats, they are typically the ones trying to help the situation not hurt it.

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