Monday, November 16, 2009

Solar's 2nd time around

Hi, my name is Andrew if you are here, welcome, its nice to share with you. So I tried blogging a few years ago, three to be exact, I sucked at it for the most part and had no direction, I am going to post those old blogs sometime in the near future to see what three years have done.

I can tell you what I have realized on my own. That being a good dad has completely sanitized me from any sense of humor I once had. As a single guy I enjoyed humor based almost exclusively around or for women. I have worked in bars and construction for a while so this kinda made sense.
I am not, nor ever have been a mysoginist it was more of a pedastal/idolization and admiration for all things female. So one thing was clear, once I had two great kids, that particular brand of humor was out for 16yrs minimum.

I grew up in England and have a reserved demeanour with an underlying core of adventurous, recklessness. So I was never really Jack the Lad or overly popular but I have always liked and got on with different types of people. I am a mutt when it comes to geneology, my mother is a Welsh/English girl from Coventry, England whose dad left her Mum in the 1940's. My dad is an athiest jew/avid reader/tv shouter/funny guy from New Jersey.

I have adopted my wife's religious leanings (United methodist) mainly because mine were too oblique to fit in any one category. With my mutt background I wanted to make sure the kids had a foundation of safety early on, as life typically tests you from time to time as you get older.
Being married its hard to spend your time honing your humor skills when the primary reason you have to be funny is to get your wife to marry you when she did that already.
I do have many interests, many, many interests, I could read about stuff, all day everyday if it paid. But it doesn't so I got into solar power because it was going to be the next big thing, but also because I am a student of history and history tells me we have to come up with a new energy source in order to continue to support 9billion people and modern society.
What my goal here is to let you know about me, my brand as I have just read in "Crush it" and learned about at a SC New Ideas conference, but at the same time let you know about the market potential, job growth, societal necessity of exploring and investing huge amounts of money in solar energy, it is our future. Thanks for stopping by and see you soon.

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