Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let the Sleeping Giant Wake

While we lag Germany in solar installs, and this is because Russia holds the keys to 80% of winter heating fuel for Europe, we are beginning to catch up with other nations in conversion to renewable energy (RE).

For me personally its depressing that the rest of the US is making huge investments in solar while South Carolina is still pretty much an off-grid and small residential state.

It should be every new home and business building in the state has to meet stringent energy efficiency code and have to have either solar thermal or PV. We should have a feed in tariff over 8yrs that stabalizes energy cost and provides investment security. Since there is no greater economy in the world, no greater military and no stronger political body than the USA, we could, thru sheer will power, affect these changes.

Europe is years ahead of us in building requirements. I have seen the spec home I live in, built in Minnesota and Arizona, this is crazy!

Like my good friend Bruce Wood says, "Those Germans might be a little smarter than us, but not that much."

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