Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good vets are hard to come by

I took my 12yr old beagle to the vet on a Sunday, she was messed up pretty bad and she had me scared. They were quick, friendly and efficient.

The Vet talked over my options, explained cost and let me decide on what to do. She could have any number of things but he had to do x & y to find out. When we got back later they were again quick, polite and thoughtful. I need to remind you all this was Sunday, I got there at 9am and now it was 1pm.

Molly had a puncture wound on her eye, we think we know what happened but either way she will live, be happy again but may lose her eye. She is an awesome dog, licks only when you need it and takes food from your hand like a surgeon. She likes to be petted but is just as happy sitting near you.

She will bark only to tell you "hey something isn't right. I used to let her sleep at the foot of my bed, but kids...marriage etc she became an outside dog.

Well she's in for two weeks and I intend to spoil her rotten. Happy thanksgiving.

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