Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I love capitalism

ExxonMobil Corp

Company Info
State or country Texas
Geographical Location Americas
Assets $228,052 mil
Revenues $425,071 mil
Profits $45,220 mil
Return on invested
capital (ROIC) 36.31%
3 yr CGR % Revenues 9.00%
Company data as of 10/22/2009 provided by Standard & Poor's Compustat

$45 BILLION DOLLARS, that is alot of money, no matter who you are. When you think this is their after tax profit and they retain 300+ of the best accountants in the world to reduce their exposure then..wow!
How much of that profit is being invested in their next generation transportation fuel portfolio? As far as I know Exxon invests less than Shell, BP and Chevron in mining directly from the sun.
Instead of waiting millions of years and digging up stored solar energy Exxon should be leading the way in energy research.

C'mon guys, we know you are some of the best and brightest do you have to think in quarters instead of family, country and future?

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