Monday, November 30, 2009

Cap and trade, tax or smart business

Discussions are taking place right now all over the world about what to do about CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The release of East Anglia emails is being touted as a blow to 'global warming' scientists. The fact that these scientists tried to protect their opinion is straight out of the Lee Atwater political book.


Bottom line is we live on a planet that has physical boundaries. We pump and mine our energy from the ground, if Earth was the size of Jupiter I would not be in the solar industry I would work for Exxon.

We have a FINITE source of energy TODAY. We do not have a viable alternative today, or tommorrow. If we do not create a market where massive investment in energy production is promoted we will see $10 a gallon gas, ever rising energy costs and a huge strain on the economy, with the possibility of protracted and deadly wars over the last reserves of fossil fuel.

US Oil production peaked in the 1970's, our use of fossil fuel has climbed every year since. Renewable energy production is the new arms race. We have to win this one, for us and for our kids.

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